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Library Resources

Finham Community Library has a great selection of books for all tastes ranging from the latest thriller to a must-read recipe book. The stock comes from Coventry City Council and from FLAG owned copies which often include new releases among their titles. These are donated by local people and helps us to give readers more choice as well as being eco-friendly.


We have a great selection of books for younger children ranging from picture books to children's classics. These cover all genres from easy readers to mystery, suspense and fantasy as reading tastes develop in younger children.


Teenagers haven't been forgotten in our provision of reading materials and again we have tried to cater for as many tastes as possible. The teen offering is found in the junior section but is separate so it is easier for young people to find suitable reading matter.


Whatever your reading tastes you will almost certainly find something to suit you on our shelves. We offer a wide variety of fiction as well as factual, biographies, hobby, some foreign language, large print and audiobooks. 

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